The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

The Profilm3D

Optical Profilometry Made Affordable

An optical profilometer is now half the price of a basic stylus profilometer! The Profilm3D uses state-of-the-art white light interferometry (WLI) to measure surface profiles and roughness down to 0.05 µm; adding the low-cost PSI option takes the minimum vertical feature size down to 0.001 µm.

The Analysis Power That You Need

Our intuitive, full-featured Profilm software makes it easy to measure surface roughness, profiles, and step heights. In seconds, you can measure all common roughness parameters, on both flat and curved surfaces. A powerful stitching feature to combine multiple profilometer images is available as a low-cost software upgrade.

Ceramic Surface
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Dicing Saw Test Cuts
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Fresnel Lens
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New! Free Web-based Image Analyzer for Profilometers

Store, share, view, and analyze 3D profilometer images on a desktop, tablet, or smartphone with Filmetrics’ ProfilmOnline. Most of Profilm’s powerful viewing and analyzing features (including surface roughness and step-height analysis) are now available on ProfilmOnline.