The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

The Profilm3D

You can measure surface texture, finish, and roughness in seconds with the Profilm3D, all with a single mouse click. Using the industry-standard techniques of white light interferometry (WLI) and phase-shifting interferometry (PSI), the Profilm3D measures roughness and texture over a large 2D area quickly and without contacting the sample. Click here to see a list of common roughness-measurement applications that are measured using the WLI and PSI techniques.

Measure Curved Samples

Because the Profilm3D is a non-contact technique, you can easily measure curved and other non-flat surfaces. Shape removal (aka form removal) and filtering can be added to your measurement recipe to make surface finish, texture, and roughness measurements a one-click affair!

Report in Any Standard Roughness Parameter

The Profilm3D calculates all of the 47 standard ASME/EUR/ISO roughness parameters (click to see the full list of 2D and 3D parameters). You can have any or all of them displayed with your results, making custom reporting a snap.

ISO 9000 and ASME B46.1 Compliant

Optical methods of measuring surface roughness are now fully supported by ISO. In particular, ISO 25178 Part 604 describes the Profilm3D’s WLI method (which is also known as coherence scanning interferometry, among other things).