The World’s First $19k 3D Profilometer:

The Profilm3D

  • Profilm3D$17,690

    Optical profiler with VSI measurement capabilities and autofocus. (Requires Mirau objective.)
  • Auto XY StageIncluded with Profilm3D

    Stage with 100mm x 100mm of motorized XY travel.
  • Tip-Tilt StageIncluded with Profilm3D

    4-degree tip-tilt stage.
  • WS-Profilm3D-200$1,711

    Manual rotating (r-theta) stage for 200mm wafers on Profilm3D Add to Cart
  • Turret-Profilm3D-ManualIncluded with Profilm3D

    Manual 4-place turret for Profilm3D, auto position sensing.
  • SHS-CrOnSi-10µm $331 (Included with Profilm3D)

    Step-height standard with 10µm step. Cr surface on 1.25" square Si. Add to Cart
  • OBJ-10X-Mirau$2,310

    10x Nikon Mirau interferometric objective lens. (Contact us for pricing on other magnifications.) Add to Cart
  • UPG-PSI$2,510

    Upgrade Profilm-AnalysisSoftware for PSI analysis capability. Add to Cart
  • UPG-Stitching$1,710

    Upgrade Profilm-AnalysisSoftware for stitching of Profilm3D XY grid of profiles. Add to Cart
  • SHS-CrOnSi-Multi-4µm $710

    Step-height standard with 4µm, 2µm, and 100nm steps. Cr surface on 1.25" square Si. Add to Cart
  • Profilm-AnalysisSoftware$2,710

    Profilm desktop analysis software - permanent license Add to Cart
  • VibrationIsolation-Nano30$6,311

    Active vibration isolation system - Accurion Nano30. Add to Cart

The above prices are applicable in the United States only. International pricing varies due to taxes, import fees, shipping, handling, warranty length, and onsite sales and support expectations.